How to get out of boring phone conversation with Russian woman

Some words about Russian ladies

As you have probably learned from your friends about Russian brides, they are very pretty and beautiful, clever and interesting. Maybe your friend advised you to start relationship exactly with Russian women because they know why it is worth it. It is an open secret that Russian women are taught by their parents from childhood that a woman must do everything regarding home, children etc. In contrast to women from other countries the parents prepare their girls from childhood to future marriage. Mother of the daughter teaches the girl to cook nice, to keep house clean, in what way to grow up the children, how to start the conversation if the husband comes back home in a bad mood. Every Russian lady knows that the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach, that is why she has to cook very nice. Then everything will be ok in any case. But European women do not like to cook at all! It is easier for them to have dinner in a restaurant than to cook it at home. And every foreign man who has been married with Russian bride will tell you that it is real truth. The Russian ladies do not seek to become a business woman; every man wants to see his lovely woman at home with their children but not to wait for her until she comes back from business dinner. That is why Russian brides are looking for serious men who want to start a family too. The marriage for every woman is very important event in her life! Dear men, you will not make a mistake if you marry a Russian bride. Love will save the world.

About phone conversation

Taking into consideration the abovementioned you should plan your future phone conversation and try to make it interesting. You should tell nice words to a single lady, first of all, try to find topics which will be interesting both for you and for her. If it is a first phone conversation, tell some words about yourself, maybe about your interesting job, the place of living and at the end of conversation try to fix the dating with her. If you live in different countries you may start from conversation online by skype, it will be better than phone conversation because you will be able to see a woman and to catch her mood. After that you will be able to meet with her in real life, to fix the dating in Russia or on neutral territory. Than, maybe she will understand that she has been waiting only for you and will gladly agree to become your bride. Remember that women love by ears!


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