Do Russian mail order brides statistics count girls’ qualities?

How Do You Know that Your Girlfriend is Russian?

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Few statements about Russian girlfriend

If you are a foreign man and have chosen a Russian lady as a girlfriend, be ready to meet with some peculiar properties of these women. Your wife is real Russian if you notice following details:

All your staff is on its places. Maybe, you did not know that there is a lot of free space in your apartment. But your girlfriend could you in this regard.

  1. She goes to buy bread on high heels and with bright makeup. Sometimes, Russian women scare people because of their style and manner to wear unsuitable clothes and irrelevant makeup. They do it because they decide to be beautiful. But the partner has to fit her beauty, so buy few costumes just in case.
  2. She advices you something all the time, treats you if you are sick and is your best friend. Russian ladies are caring and tender. So, they are ready to be your helper in any situation, even if you have not asked about it. Remember, if she has chosen you, she really believes that you are the best, and her care is something given to you for free.
  3. You remember about her mother’s birthday even when you are sleep. Family connections for Russians are very strong and powerful. Your home is your fortress. That is why you should remember about all birthdays even it is great-aunt’s or great-uncle’s holiday. Do not forget to call them!
  4. You notice that your weight increased. Russian hospitality includes a lot (really a lot) of food. Russian usual supper is like a wedding menu, there are many dishes and drinks. So, buy one more costume because previous ones will not fit you anymore.
  5. You do not know why she is angry. Sometimes girl’s temper is strength. You can come home and notice that she is not in the mood. Why? It is a hard question. When scientists discovere the reason for it, they will probably make a global announcement.

In conclusion, maybe Russian girls are not perfect; maybe they could be strange and illogical. But if she makes you happy, who cares?


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