How to succeed in finding a young Russian bride

The Russian girls marry much earlier than in Europe. Women from Europe believe that first you need to build a career. So, marriage and children are postponed until the better times.

Causes of Russian teen girl marriage.

Russian teen girl marriage can be seen more often, because the relationship to the family quite different in Russia. For women, the main thing is not to make money, but to give birth and raise children. Usually husband is the one who brings money.

Women’s duties include cooking, cleaning, laundry and children. If the family has pets or garden, then she takes care of them, too. In general, the wife’s task is to make her husband happy.

If a woman is not married  by 30 years, it is considered that there is something wrong with her. After this age, it becomes very difficult to find a man and start a family.

Russian teen girl marriage occur for different reasons.

  1. This may be due to social pressure. Grandmothers and mothers often want their daughters to marry early. Sometimes couples get divorced just because the wedding was too hasty. And they could not even know each other well.
  2. Sometimes the cause of Russian teen girl marriage can be an unplanned pregnancy. This scenario is very common in Russia. In this case, man is obliged to make an offer to the girl. Unfortunately, too often these couples break up. The child becomes an insurmountable challenge for the couple.
  3. More often, young girls deliberately want to marry early. They are aware of all the risks and are willing to go to them. Some of them turn to the purpose of marrying a foreigner. Often Russian teen girl marries a citizen from another country. These pairs are significantly less likely to break. In this case, both partners consciously want to create a family. And they understand that there may be difficulties.

How to become a husband of Russian teen girl

People living in different countries, sometimes have difficulties in understanding each other. But if you like the person and know what you want, it will not be an obstacle.

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Russian teen girl marriage can be very successful. This is proven by a large number of happy families.


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